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30 March 2018

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6th International Otolith Symposium 2018 (IOS2018)

15-20 April 2018 Keelung, Taiwan

Host institution:

National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Taiwan


15-20 April 2018


National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (NMMST), Taiwan


Chia-Hui Wang (NTOU) and Li-Shu Chen (NMMST)

Organizing committee:

Jen-Chieh Shiao (NTU) and Chih-Wei Chang (NMMBA)


Quarter century has passed since the 1st International Symposium on Fish Otolith Research and Application held at Hilton Head, USA in 1993. The symposium started to bring up a platform for people who work on fish otolith at varied objective to discuss and share experiences, and the series of international otolith symposium (IOS) was followed by 2nd IOS1998 in Bergen (Norway), 3rd IOS2004 in Townsville (Australia), 4th IOS2009 in Monterey (USA) and 5th IOS2014 in Mallorca (Spain).
For the first time ever, the 6th IOS2018 will be held in Asia, a rather different atmosphere and culture for experiencing and a nice chance to review the advances of otolith research in the past 1/4 century. Also, the aim of the symposium is not only focus on fish otolith, but for the exploration of the information encoded in all types of calcified tissues (otoliths, scales, bones, shells, corals, etc.) as tools to support sustainable management and use.

Event Partners


Keelung, Taiwan

National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (NMMST)



6th International Otolith Symposium 2018
15-20 April Keelung, Taiwan